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It’s the impossibility of conception after 12 months of intercourse without protection. The 90% of couples with no fertility problems achieve a pregnancy in the first year of searching and 95% after two years they will succeed.

It creates a lot of anxiety on a couple when they cannot conceive and it happen 1 in 6 couples. About 30% of infertility cases are of unknown causes with all tests performed being normal. The infertility tests are:

  • Spermiogram or Sperm Test: to evaluate the viability of the sperm
  • Histerosalpingography: study the permeability of the women fallopian tubes
  • Hormonal blood test on the patient to check the ovarian function
  • Ultrasound scan to check ovulation


Depending on the results, we will advice on the best treatment: ovarian stimulation, artificial insemination, IVF.


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